Welcome to SouthernLadyEstates!

I have been a collector of antique and vintage items for almost 40 years. I began avidly collecting the year my husband and I became engaged. I guess it is in my genes. My parents have been in the antique business almost 30 years and my aunt over 40 years. I was also very fortunate to marry into a family that had an appreciation for the beauty and charm of handcrafted items. My mother-in-law and I would always visit auctions and estate sales on our visits to her home.

I have always been fascinated with the search for treasure, whether it was old broken pieces of pottery near a farmhouse or even arrowheads along a lakeshore. I think part of the intrigue is uncovering something that was once considered lost and imagining the story behind the items.

Some of my fondest memories are of my grandmother who loved to sew, crochet, and garden. She always prepared a beautiful Sunday dinner with linens. I am sure that is why I am drawn to linens and you can always find some in my shop. One aunt often enlisted my help to polish her silver. I never minded the work because I enjoyed seeing something so dull become so beautiful.

As much as I enjoy treasure hunting, my real treasure is truly my family. I have a wonderful husband of 39 years who is an exceptionally talented artist, three beautiful talented daughters and 5 active grandchildren, who I enjoy so very much!

Thank you for visiting my shop! I try to add new items daily, so please check back often and email if you have a request.

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